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At least four times each year, a full sprinkler system inspection should be performed by a knowledgeable professional. Some cities require more frequent inspections. We offer economical, long-term service agreements. Thorpe's Fire Sprinkler Systems can provide you with the test certificates which will comply with your insurance company and local fire department inspection requirements. The National Fire Protection Association publishes NFPA 25 Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. This document recommends that control valves without electronic supervision be checked on a weekly basis, just to make sure that they are in the open position. Other system components have different requirements. We check with the NFPA 25 or the manufacturers' literature for the details.

If an inspection is overdue for up to 12 months, a 5% penalty applies. If the inspection is overdue for 12-24 months a 20% penalty applies. If an inspection is 24-36 months overdue, a 60% penalty applies. If after 36 months an inspection is still not performed, a fully sprinklered building is rated as "Unsprinklered" for the purpose of insurance, with no credit allowed.The Insurance Services Office (ISO) publishes a Commercial Fire Rating Schedule (CFRS). Section 402 of the CFRS requires building owners to have annual inspections of sprinkler systems to enjoy the "sprinklered" insurance rate.

Check with your insurance carrier about the rate for your building. Even though it is fully fire safety equipped, you may not be getting as big a discount you're entitled to. Get your sprinkler system inspected and take full financial advantage of your fire sprinkler system.

Recent court decisions have held building owners and managers liable because they did not have a fire sprinkler system in a building which had a fire. Even though sprinkler systems were not required in these buildings by fire or building codes, owners still had to pay out millions of dollars. Similarly, an owner or manager of a building with a fire sprinkler system would be held liable if he failed to maintain that system in a working condition.

In addition, owners and managers of commercial and business facilities have an obligation to maintain safe conditions for employees and occupants. By working in a sprinklered building, employees come to expect a certain level of protection. It is incumbent on the owner to maintain this level of protection.

Source: National Fire Sprinkler Association
For more FAQs on fire sprinklers and their applications, visit the National Fire Sprinkler Association website.

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